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Where to buy

We’ve updated our shopping database to make it easier to find someone that can sell you a Toppy. Use the drop down menu to choose internet suppliers, or pick an ITV region to see suppliers that have stores in that area. Remember that we can only indicate if a company has stores in a particular region, not whether or not they have Topfield PVRs in stock. You should always call before travelling.

Turbosat International 01795 429 666
Turbosat is the official UK distributor for Topfield products, including the TF5800. Their head office is in Sittingbourne, Kent. Callers by appointment.
Retail outlets: Meridian Online orders

Map of ITV regions

ITV region map from the WikiPedia Commons

The sites listed here are ones that we know supply Topfield products, and for which we have the necessary information for inclusion in our database. We make no recommendation here about individual suppliers, and we reserve the right to remove entries without consultation. E&OE. It is the responsibilty of buyers to ensure they know what is included in prices. If you are a supplier and would like to be added to the list, or to have your details amended, please contact admin @ toppy.org.uk