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Welcome to Toppy Remote Control

Through this part of the site you can create timers and searches to remotely control your PVR. You can set timers and create searches via SMS from your mobile phone. If you’re a new user, please click the ‘Getting started’ link in the navigation panel, or read the FAQs.

We’ve given the whole site a makeover, and as part of that, we’ve made some changes to the way you sign in. If you use the ‘Your tools’ area of the site, you’ll automatically be signed in to TRC as well, and you can access these pages via the ‘Set timers’ link. If you type the address of these pages directly, and you’re not signed in to Your tools, you will have to enter your forum name and password in the pop-up window - and you’ll still have to log in that way when you use a mobile phone.

The web part of the Remote Control service is free, but if you like it, why not make a donation?

While we do everything we can to ensure that this service carries on running, and that there are no errors in the software, not all parts of the remote timer service are within our control. We cannot guarantee 100% reliability, nor can we accept responsibility for the failure to set or change any timers on your PVR. The service is provided on a best-effort basis, and no warranty is given or implied.