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Getting started

An account has to be created before you can use Toppy Remote Control (TRC); that will happen automatically the first time you try to log in, and then you will be directed to this page. The next step is to configure the site, your computer and your PVR to work together.

The first item you need to choose is Account summary. On that page, you will be able to confirm your agreement to the SMS terms and conditions, if you want to access that section of the service. You must also select which country or region you are in, so we know which channels appear on which number.

After that, you then need to choose the method that will be used to transfer timer and search information to your computer, via the Timer & search settings link on the Account info page; there may be different options available depending on where you are. You need to choose the settings that correspond to the TAP that you’re using on your PVR to load timer settings.

Choosing the right TAP

At the moment, we support setting of timers via two different TAPs, EPG Uploader and Jag’s EPG. If you already use one of those on your Toppy, it’s probably simplest to carry on using it with this system. If you don’t run either, the table below shows how they differ, with regard to the functions of Toppy Remote Control.

  EPG Uploader Jag's EPG
Allows timers to be cancelled after sending to PVR Yes No
Allows repeating timers to be set via web and SMS No Yes
Maximum number of channels supported 30 Unlimited
Supports creation of remote programme searches No Yes

Our preferred option is EPG Uploader, since it can co-exist with other choices of EPG software on your Toppy, and can simply be installed and then ignored. Don’t worry about configuring it - we can create an ini file for you automatically, and even install it in the correct location on your Toppy if you’re using Windows or a Mac.

If you use EPG Uploader, you will need to choose an additional method of creating searches; we can create searches for programmes on your Toppy using either Jag’s EPG or UK Auto Scheduler. This table shows how they compare.

  UK Auto Scheduler Jag's EPG
Programme information that can be searched Title, Description
and Extended info
Days of the week that can be searched Any combination Every day, weekdays,
weekends or single day
Complex searches, for example A but not B No Yes
Create searches by channel name or number Channel name Channel number
Automatically retrieve searches with timers No Yes

Our preferred option, and the default for new users, is UK Auto Scheduler; the setup pages will help you install the TAP on your PVR.

After you have picked a TAP, the PC & PVR settings page will help you set up the necessary scripts to automate Toppy Remote Control on your computer; all you have to do is tell it what operating system you’re running, and how your Toppy is connected, and it will show you customised scripts, and help you through the installation.

Using the system

When you have set up your account, your computer, and the PVR, then you can start to Create timers or Create searches. You may like to try creating some test timers, and downloading them manually, so you can be sure your system is configured. You can find out how to download timers manually via the Setup wizard on the PC & PVR settings page.

If you have problems, most pages have a corresponding Help page, which you’ll see at the bottom right of the navigation panel. There are FAQs available, and you can also ask for further assistance in the Computer Connections section of the forums.