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Timer help

Creating and amending timers

The Create timer page is the quickest way to create a timer on your PVR. When you visit the page, today’s date will be filled in. You can enter a new date and month by typing the day of the month, and selecting the month from the menu. When you choose to amend timers, you will see an almost identical page.

If you select a month earlier than this month, then the timer will be set for next year.

Alternatively, if you want to make a recording within the next 2 weeks, use the second date menu to pick the correct day. When you choose an item from the second menu, the date selected in the first text box will be ignored.

The system does not check for invalid dates.

Enter the time at which you wish your recording to start, using the 24 hour clock, with the hours in the first box and the minutes in the second.

The system does not check for invalid times.

You can enter a duration for the program, in minutes, or pick one of the options from the menu, which includes common running times.

If you would like padding to be added automatically to recordings, you can select the amount via the Timer & Search settings page; the timers in your list will show the programme time, and padding will be added when we send the timer information to your PVR.

You can enter a name for the recording if you wish, or leave it blank; when you leave the name blank, your Toppy should name the recording after the programme being broadcast, according to the available EPG data.

At present, note that while you can always use the web pages to request that a timer repeats automatically, this setting is not passed on to your Toppy if you’re using EPG Uploader.

Viewing timers

The View timers screen shows all the timers in the database for your user id, including timers that have already been retrieved by your PVR, but not deleted. It also indicates whether a timer was set by text message or via the web, if it has not yet been retrieved by your PVR

You can amend an individual timer by clicking on the date and time; you will be taken to the Amend timer screen, which works just like the Create timer page.

If you would like a timer that has been retrieved by your PVR to be deleted, so that the programme is not recorded, you can click tick the Cancel option next to the recording, then click Update at the bottom of the page. The timer will be listed with the world Cancel before it; when the request has been sent to your PVR, this will be indicated. Cancel requests can only be sent when you are using EPG Uploader.

To remove a timer completely, so that it will not be transferred to your PVR, click the Delete option, and then click Update at the bottom of the page.

To purge old timers that have already been retrieved by your PVR, or timers that are out of date, tick one of the purge options at the bottom of the page, before clicking Update. Once a timer has been purged, you cannot cancel it remotely; someone will need to cancel the recording on the PVR itself.