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Welcome to, the UK’s best site for owners of Topfield PVRs


If you’re the owner of a Topfield TF5800 or TF5810 PVR, this site should provide you with just about all the information you need.

Confused? Don’t worry; whenever you see a word highlighted in orange, you can click on it to see a pop up glossary entry, and you can also access the glossary in its entirety from the link on the left hand side of the page.

A few highlights

Toppy Remote Control SMS timersWe’ve got plenty of information, from user manuals and marketing leaflets to guides written by users, explaining how you can connect the PVR to your network, FAQs covering most of the basic questions, and downloadable files, including TAPs as well as tools for Windows, Mac and Linux users – and our popular forums, where there are plenty of users and experts on hand to help you out.

Want to know how you can set your PVR to record via the web or by sending a text message? It’s called Toppy Remote Control, and you can sign up for it once you’re a member of the forums.

TF5810 front badgesIf it’s news you’re after, including all the latest information on the brand new TF5810, we’ve got it covered, with regular updates, RSS feeds and a mailing list.

At the heart of the site are the forums, which anyone can read, though you need to register to post, to help us avoid spam. Registered forum users can also access exclusive downloads too, including early access to new firmwares. MPEG Streamclip software for your PC and MacYou’ll find a dedicated area of the forums for new users, plus spaces where you can ask about linking your Toppy to the computer and burning DVDs, chat about programmes or discuss the most popular TAPs, or swap advice and information on the best TV to link to your PVR.

What next?

Before you dive in and start posting questions, we’d like to encourage you to have a browse around the rest of the site, and see what other information is available – and please do make use of our FAQs and search facilities before posting, to save people having to answer the same questions over and over again. We have two search facilities available; the site search looks through the FAQs, descriptions of software and downloadable documents, while the forum search looks through previous postings. You can access both easily from the left hand navigation panel.

At the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see more options, which will change depending on which part of the site you’re visiting, and whether or not you’ve signed in to make use of our customised tools - which include a personalised download list, update notifications, detailed firmware bug and feature reports, and the ability to program your PVR via the web. You can always return to this page by clicking the logo at the top of the screen.

Finally, if you’re confused, or need help, feel free to post in the New Users area of the forums – you’ll find a link to take you right there at the left hand side of the screen; you will need to register before you can post, and if you appear to be outside the EU or Australia, it may take a little longer; just follow the on-screen instructions. If you have problems, you can contact the site admins via the address admin @ – but remember that we can’t offer individual technical support via email. You should either post in the forums, or contact Topfield’s UK technical support phone line, which is 08712 003 191.