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About the site

Toppy.org.uk was created by Nigel Whitfield, a freelance journalist for the computer press, in the spring of 2005; the forums went live on 20th March, and the rest of the site on the 26th.

The site is entirely independent of Topfield and their UK distributors Turbosat; we receive no money from them, though they have supported us by giving prized for competitions. We do have good links with them, however, enabling us to manage a beta-test programme for the firmware, and providing feedback through the bugs database, to assist the engineers.

The site is funded by donations from users and hosted by Nigel on one of the servers he uses for his business – in fact, the server presently in use was set up specifically for the Toppy site, after it outgrew one of the others.

Who’s in charge

The day to day programming and maintenance of the site is still carried out by Nigel, and various other volunteers help with particular aspects. For example, forum user EJMB looks after the database of software, while HydeTheDarkerSide assists with forum admin – deleting the accounts of spammers, and so forth. Other users help with moderation of various parts of the forum.

Thanks to...

In the setting up of the site in 2005, particular mentions should go to Tim for help with the database of TAPs, without which it would have taken much longer to get things going; to Peter for his incredibly useful Quick Start Guide and advice on forum software; to Andy Cullen (author of Progress Bar Keys) and Tony (author of many other TAPs) for invaluable feedback on the design of some sections of this site; to Matt, Stuart and other readers of the Digital Spy forums for encouragement and help testing things out.

Since the site has been up and running, many others have helped out, both on the forums and behind the scenes, with beta testing, feedback, moderating, and updating of the various sections of the databases; thanks, then, in no particular order, to Darkmatter, EMJB, HydeTheDarkerSide, malc, matt, mike.hinson, Quixotic, Richard46, Sebby, simonc, sunstealer and anyone else I’ve forgotten.

Thanks, also, to the staff at Turbosat, who have provided us with much useful information and access to beta test software and news about the Toppy. And lastly, but by no means last, thanks to the many contributors to the forums and those who have created some of the amazing TAPs that appeared for the UK.