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TF5800 bug reports

Welcome to the bug tracker page. On this page, you can see a summary of outstanding bugs, and links to the relevant discussion threads in our forums. Bugs that have been resolved are not listed on this page, including those that have been resolved by firmware upgrades. Feature changes and enhancement requests are also not listed here. If you’re a registered user of the forums, you can access extra information by clicking on ‘Firmware details’ below the ‘Your tools’ heading at the right of the screen.

We’ll be adding a page of bug information for the new TF5810 as soon as we’ve been able to evaluate it – this page will remain solely for the TF5800.

Before you go any further

Do remember that, since we’ve tried be be pretty comprehensive in our list, there are plenty of items here that don’t affect all users, or even anything like a majority of them. So, please don’t be put off a Toppy by anything you see here! Click the Discussion link for each bug, and you’ll find plenty of comment, including ways to work around or avoid most of the issues here. If you are a registered user of the forum, you can now view issues according to which firmware version they affect – the list shown here simply shows those issues that are currently unresolved.

Bug scores

To help give you an idea of how many people are affected by various bugs, each bug has a score next to it, consisting of two numbers; the first number is the score, and the second is the highest possible score, which a bug would receive if everyone who responded said that a fix was essential. The closer the two numbers, the more people there are who are badly affected by the bug.

For a detailed explanation of the bug scores, scroll to the bottom of the page, or click here.

To access more detailed bug reports , including lists of previously resolved issues and enhancement requests, and additional notes on existing bugs, you need to register on the forum and sign up for site Services (aka “Your tools”), then click the ‘Firmware details’ link at the right. This will also allow you to indicate which bugs or feature requests you feel are most important. That in turn allows us to keep better track of information, so that we can help Topfield and Turbosat to address issues as effectively as possible.

TIP: Hover your mouse over the Discussion link for each bug, and you can see a more detailed description.

Critical bugs

Critical bugs are bugs that prevent the TF5800 from responding to remote commands, or cause it to spontaneously restart, or otherwise render it unusable.

MHEG crashes Toppy when dual recording with two or more active TAPs
If dual recording a user activates an MHEG service that requires one of the tuners, the Toppy will crash whilst displaying the warning message, but only if two or more TAPs are in active memory.
Bug id 79, logged by HydeTheDarkerSide on 2006-01-17 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

Major bugs

Major bugs include bugs that result in failed or damaged recordings, or the loss of a key feature, like subtitles or audio.

Timers fail to wake the unit up from standby
Usually accompanied by the clock being displayed on the front panel when the Toppy is running normally. It should show the current channel number.
Bug id 56, logged by Darkmatter on 2005-07-28 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

CAM is not always correctly allocated
The CAM is not always correctly assigned to recording or playback tasks. This can result in recordings from pay TV channels not being playable, with the message "You are not authorised to view this programme."
Bug id 64, logged by Nigel Whitfield on 2005-09-25 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

Remote keypresses are not always recognised
The PVR does not always respond to keypresses on the remote control.
Bug id 91, logged by Nigel Whitfield on 2006-08-31 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

File corruption when free space is very low
Previously OK recordings are truncated without warning when disk space is very low.
Bug id 93, logged by Matt Sephton on 2006-08-31 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

Minor bugs

We class a bug as minor if it doesn’t fit into either of the categories above, but is obviously not how the Toppy is supposed to work. This does not include functional quirks, which are listed as requests for feature changes.

PVR jumps to live TV when timers start and stop
Under certain conditions, when scheduled recordings start, or stop, and a recorded file is playing back, the PVR jumps to live TV.
Bug id 12, logged by Nigel Whitfield on 2005-04-24 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

Incorrect MHEG character set
Incorrect characters, (such as accented capital A's instead of lower case accented u's and e's) are displayed
Bug id 13, logged by Nigel Whitfield on 2005-04-24 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

Channel 5 may appear blank when first selected
Channel five may appear to have a blank screen when first selected. Moving to another channel and back resolves the issue.
Bug id 76, logged by Nigel Whitfield on 2005-11-02 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

DST Adjustment for EPG entries and Timers
EPG data and non-repeating timer settings are not corrected for DST changes.
Bug id 81, logged by HydeTheDarkerSide on 2006-03-29 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

Audio track does not start playing immediately
When starting playback, there is sometimes a short delay before the audio is heard.
Bug id 87, logged by Nigel Whitfield on 2006-08-31 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

Audio is sometimes muted on startup
If the PVR starts up on a silent channel (eg BBC4, off air) the sound may remain muted when the channel is changed, until the V+ key is pressed.
Bug id 101, logged by Nigel Whitfield on 2008-03-18 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

Record indicator incorrectly positioned in EPG grid view
In the EPG grid view, the R and Rs indicators sometimes appear on the adjacent cell, rather than the programme that is selected to record.
Bug id 102, logged by Nigel Whitfield on 2008-03-18 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

Audio stutter on optical output
When starting or resuming playback there is an audible stutter on the optical audio output.
Bug id 104, logged by Nigel Whitfield on 2008-03-18 Score: 0/189  Discussion...

How bug scores are calculated

Registered users of the site can respond to bugs, stating whether they regard a fix as Essential, Very important, Fairly Important, Not important and Not affected. To create the scores, we assign 3 points to a rating of Essential, decreasing by 1 for each of the other ratings in turn, so a Not Important rates as zero, and Not affected as -1.

The score you see for a bug is the total of the points given by all the people who have responded to it. The second figure is the potential score if all the people who have responded to any bug at all had rated a fix to that one as Essential. Note that the number of people who could respond to a bug is much larger than those who have.