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How you can help Toppy.org.uk

A few words from the site’s creator

I hope you find this site useful; it’s intended to be an invaluable resource for Topfield PVR owners, especially UK owners of the original TF5800 and the newer TF5810. I’ve been running various community internet sites and services for fifteen years now - before the first home net connections were available in the UK. Over that time, the ways in which they’re provided have changed, but there are some things that are constant - it takes time and effort to provide free services on the internet, and a certain amount of money. One way around that is to use advertising based services, or sponsorship, but that’s not something I believe in doing.

All the community internet services that I’ve been involved in have always been free - free to use, free of advertising and free of sponsorship. I’m fortunate in that my work as a computer journalist means I have lots of resources, like hosting and net connections, readily available. That doesn’t mean, though, that creating sites like this doesn’t cost anything. One of the things it needs most is time. Money is nice too!

Can you give some time for Toppy.org.uk ?

As you’ll see on the forums, there are already a few other people, besides myself, who help out by moderating the forums - moving posts to correct forums if they’re in the wrong place, or correcting links, or highlighting where the answers to some questions can be found. If you’re interested in helping out on the forums, let me know, via admin @ toppy.org.uk

More than just forums

There’s a lot more to the site than the forums, of course. There’s a database of TAP s, along with lists of links, FAQ, the bug list, and the glossary. There’ll also shortly be more parts of the site coming online, providing useful extra services - all free - to help people make the most of their Toppys.

So, as well as people to help on the forums, it would be great to have assistance with keeping the various other parts of the site up to date. You don’t need to be a web wizard - everything is controlled by filling in forms on web pages, which update the database that powers this site. Once again, if you want to be involved, contact admin @ toppy.org.uk.

Can you write?

One of the sections of the site that we’d like to expand is the Guides section. Don’t worry if you’re not a great writer – as an experienced journalist myself, I’m able to edit other people’s words to make them simple to understand, so get in touch if you’d like to help.

Get involved

There’s much more to the TF5800 and TF5810 than just this site, of course. One of the things that makes the Topfield PVRs so great is the number of people around the world who have taken time and effort to create software to work with them, and if you have the necessary skills, we’d encourage you to become involved and help other Toppy users that way.


Not everyone has the time or skills to give, and that doesn’t matter. But if you’d like to reward the people who’ve helped make the Toppy such a good PVR , then please feel free. You’ll find that some TAP authors ask for donations, via Paypal or other methods, and we believe that you should support them, especially if you find their software enhances the usefulness of your Toppy.

As for this site, all Topfield users are – and always will be – welcome, regardless of whether they have time, ability or money to donate.

If you’d like to make a small donation towards the running costs of this site, or rewarding the moderators, and other helpers with a few beers, you can donate using your mobile phone, via PayPal or via credit card – details are below.

Behind the scenes

I’d like to highlight two of the less obvious free resources that we rely on for Toppy.org.uk:

phpBB is the open-source, free forum software that we use.
Mike Lothar created the free phpBB skin that is used on this site, with some modifications.

Donating via mobile phone

If you have a UK-registered mobile phone, you can use our SMS reverse billing service to make a small donation towards our costs. Just send the message


to 60300. You’ll be charged your usual text message cost for sending the message, and in a few moments you’ll receive a confirmation message, which will be charged at £1.50. Your mobile number won’t be kept, and you won’t receive any unsolicited text messages as a result. If you prefer to give a little more, you can send the message


instead, to the same number, and you’ll be charged £5.00 for the confirmation message.

For a £1.50 donation, we’ll receive between 60 and 68 pence, depending on the network that you use, while for a £5.00 donation, it’s between £1.30 (for the 3 network) and £2.44 (O2). It’s not a lot, but I believe this is an easy way for people to show a little appreciation. NB If your mobile phone is on the 3 network, it’ll cost you less, and we’ll get more, if you don’t use the £5 donation facility, but instead send three donations of £1.50.

PayPal and credit card donations

If you prefer, you can donate via PayPal, either by sending a payment to admin @ toppy.org.uk or by clicking on the Donate button below; if you use the Donate button, you do not need to sign up for a PayPal account to make a donation.

Thank you,

Nigel Whitfield.