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Toppy TF5800 firmware database

Since the TF5800 was released, a number of firmware updates have been made available for it. Some address specific bugs, while others add extra features. Not all are available for download, but many are, and you can download those via this page.

If you are not sure which firmware to use, please visit the main firmware downloads page and install the recommended firmware. Click here

The firmware updates listed on this page work whether you have a silver, black or white TF5800, but they are not intended for other Topfield models. We’ll be adding a page for uipdates to the new TF5810 shortly. For a complete list of Topfield firmware updates for other models, visit this page.

Each firmware update is complete in itself; you do not need to apply them in any particular order – you can go straight from the first to the more recent, or even in the opposite direction, if you wish.

When to upgrade your firmware

Normally, this site recommends a specific firmware, which will be highlighted on the Firmware Download page. Unless you are technically experienced, you should really consider using the firmwares mentioned on that page, rather than browsing through the list here, which may not reflect the current status, especially with regard to patches.

The notes that we add to individual firmwares below may give you some useful guidance if you decide you want to try an alternative to our currently recommended firmware.

Additionally, if you’re a registered user of the forums and have set up your id for site Services, you can browse the bugs datase by firmware version, or by feature, allowing you to work out whether or not updating will resolve a problem you are experiencing - just click ‘Firmware details’ in the ‘Your tools’ section of the site.

To find out which firmware version you are using, press Menu on the remote control, select Information, and then IRD status . The firmware version is indicated by two lines - the Application Version and the Last Update. You should also pay attention to the Loader Version, as this indicates some changes to the hardware inside your PVR. Earlier units (before around November 2006) will have a Loader version of C1.01, while later ones will show C5.14.

If your PVR reports Loader Version C5.14 or higher, then you can only use firmwares from version 5.12.99 onwards. Earlier firmwares will not work.

The firmwares listed on this page are for the TF5800PVR, with system ID 456, and can only be installed on those systems, unless you use a tool like HDFW to install them.

We are working to update the downloads area with firmwares for other system IDs; in the meantime, as firmwares are released, you will find them in the News section of the site. The system ID is the number show on the front panel, preceded by the letter ‘C’ when you first turn the PVR on.

If you want to be notified about firmware updates, you can find out how to receive the latest information via email or RSS here. This sticky thread in the forums gives the most up to date recommendation about which firmwares to use.

How to upgrade your firmware

You can find information about performing updates via a USB connection from a PC or Macintosh in our guide to the July 2006 “Bastille Day” firmware. The update procedure is identical for every firmware, so you simply need to follow the instructions in the PDF. Some updates are broadcast over the air (OTA); this news item explains the procedure. The News section of this site will let you know the exact dates when the OTA is due. You may also want to check out the TAP library for a tool called HDFW, which runs on the Toppy and allows you to easily switch between firmwares, without having to hook up to a computer.

Downloadable firmwares

5.15.09Plus, 2008-07-28 (TF5810 UK release)

This is the most recent official UK firmware for the TF5810. The firmware includes the series recording option, though we do not recommend that you use this. In particular, if you use TAPs to set timers, as well as the built-in series recording system, you will suffer from missing timers.


5.14.09Plus, 2008-07-28 (TF5800 UK release)

This is the most recent official UK firmware for the TF5800PVR and TF5800PVRt. The downloadable zip file contains both firmwares, and you should install the one with 456 in the name if you have a TF5800PVR and the one with 457 on a TF5800PVRt. The firmware includes the series recording option, though we do not recommend that you use this. In particular, if you use TAPs to set timers, as well as the built-in series recording system, you will suffer from missing timers.


5.15.08, 2008-03-04 (TF5810 initial firmware)

This is the first release firmware for the TF5810. We are presently starting to compile bug reports, so this data is necessarily incomplete. We will provide more information as soon as possible. In the meantime, please refer to the forums for the most up to date information.


5.14.08, 2008-03-04 (Freeview playback release 1)

This is the first official Freeview Playback firmware release for the TF5800, which provides accurate recording and series link features for the TF5800. A summary description of the new features can be found in the relevant news item. Users should note in particular that we recommend that you either set all your timers via TAPs, or via the firmware, and that you do not attempt to mix both. A fuller description of potential issues can be found in the forum thread linked to the news item.
It is essential that you perform a factory reset after installing this firmware. If you do not, the PVR will crash.
We are presently working on updating the bugs database to take account of the new model and additional firmwares; please bear with us while we do this essential behind-the-scenes work.


5.14.07L, 2008-01-25 (Freeview playback technology preview)

This is a test firmware, made available as a technology preview, to enable TAP authors and other interested people to evaluate compatibility and other issues. We do not presently recommend it to casual users; for more details, please see the associated forum thread. You must be a registered forum user to download this firmware.


5.13.65, 2007-08-23 (Memory leak test firmware)

This firmware includes fixes for recent MHEG issues on both BBC and Teletext services, and is considered stable and reliable. It has been extensively tested by the Beta test team, though it is not an official Topfield firmware, and so you must be a registered member of the forum to be able to download it.


5.13.56, 2007-06-07 (Official fix for Teletext bug)

Included in this firmware is a fix for the problems that users have experienced with services from Teletext (interactive on ITV and Channel 4 channels, and Teletext Holidays etc). However, in common with some other recent firmwares, there are problems with BBC interactive services, and unless you need to access Teletext, there is no compelling reason to install this update over 5.13.40


5.13.40, 2007-02-09 (February 2007)

This firmware is the official release version of the previous test firmware, 5.13.39. It will run on all TF5800s, and will be available as an OTA update, should you not wish to connect your PVR to the computer. Please note that we are working on bringing the bugs database up to date to reflect the status of this firmware.
This firmware provides all the enhancements of the Bastille update, and also a few minor fixes; it is recommended for all users, but as with the July 2006 update, please note that you may need to update some of your existing TAPs to ensure compatibility.


5.13.39, 2006-12-21 (January beta)

This is a test firmware; it is not an official release, and is provided here so that users who wish to can provide additional feedback to help with the test process. The changes from previous firmwares are detailed in the forum thread linked to this description. NOTE: this firmware is compatible with all existing versions of the TF5800, regardless of which Loader you have; you are advised to read the related thread before installation, for details of any TAP incompatibilities.


5.13.26, 2006-09-19 (Topfield September firmware)

This firmware, released on the Topfield Korea site, has not been through the informal UK test process we run on this site, and consequently we have less experience with this firmware that with others that we did see before their release. For more information, please see the Firmwares section of the forum.


5.12.99, 2006-08-18 (August beta for new tuners)

This firmware is functionally very similar to version 5.12.88; it has not been publicly released for download, but may be pre-installed on some recent units, and can be downloaded from the Members only area of the site. If the IRD display (Menu/Information/IRD Status) on your system reports a Loader version of 5.14 or higher, this is the earliest firmware that you can use on your system. A full bug report has not been created for this firmware, but you should note that there is a bug that causes the signal strength to be reported as very low (less than 50%, for example), when it is in fact much higher.


5.12.88, 2006-07-05 (Bastille Day update)

The "Bastille Day" update addresses long-standing issues with the EPG, by loading information for all channels, regardless of which one you're tuned to, and it no longer changes channel as you browser. The update also fixes subtitle support, and addresses some of the 'jump to live' issues on the box, as well as other small enhancements. Note TAP users are advised that some TAPs do have issues with this firmware; more details are in the forums.
Note also that after installing this update, the 'NEWS' favourites list may be selected, causing unexpected effects when using the P+ and P- buttons; to avoid this, ensure you set the correct group of favourite channels in both TV and Radio mode after installing the update.
Note that if your system reports Loader Version 5.14 in the IRD status display, then it has newer tuners, and will not run with this firmware; it needs firmware 5.12.99 or higher.


5.12.25, 2005-12-08 (December update)

This firmware was released in December, and made available as an OTA update. No serious issues have been reported, and it appears to be fairly stable. It offers improved reliability of dual recordings, compared to the previous version, and changes to the MHEG engine, including an option to disable interactive services completely. Additionally, this firmware provides a resume playback feature, where pressing Play in the Archive list will resume playback from the previous position; pressing OK plays from the start, as before.


5.12.09, 2005-10-14 (October bugfix for BBC and TUTV)

This firmware release is intended to provide additional stability for BBCi MHEG services, and also enables subscribers to TopUpTV to record and timeshift once more. There are some minor fixes for subtitle issues, and the unit will automatically start playing a recording in progress from the beginning. This firmware is considered reasonably stable, but does have a bug related to playing back files while dual recording.


5.12.05, 2005-09-14 (Topfield release)

Although an official Topfield release, this firmware was not tested by any forum members before release. It has some known changes from the previous beta firmware, in particular resolution of Macrovision issues and premature subtitles. Due to the lack of full testing, we have assumed that is has most of the other issues found in the previous version.


5.12.01, 2005-09-01 (Interim fix for BBCi crashes)

Though fairly stable, this firmware may crash if left on BBC channels for extended periods, or if extensive use is made of MHEG services. Additionally, some users with widescreen televisions may experience problems with programmes being shown in the wrong aspect ratio.


5.11.79, 2005-05-13 (May firmware update)

This firmware replaces the earlier May update, 5.11.77, and is considered reasonably stable, though some users report problems with recordings losing sound, or recording only the audio description.


5.11.77, 2005-05-11 (May update with radio bug)

This firmware contains a bug that causes problems when recording from radio. It is the earliest firmware with support for bookmarks and reasonable compatibility with TAPs that have not been specially adapted for the TF5800.