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Want to know about the latest TAPs and software for your Toppy? This is where to find out. The first list below shows all the items in our downloads database that have been updated in the last fourteen days. And if you’re interested to know what other visitors to the site have chosen to add to their personal download list, the second list shows the top twenty most popular choices.

There have been no updates to the downloads database in the last 14 days.

Top twenty selections

These are the downloads with the highest number of selections in our database. If you’re registered on the forums, when the info box for a piece of software is displayed, you’ll see a link that you can click to add it to your personal download list, and you’ll also receive notifications when it’s updated.

Number of picks
MyStuff (6.6)
MyStuff is a Toppy UI replacement, providing enhanced features including: EPG; Archive; Now&Next; timer creation (including series link functionality); optimised padding and colour skinning. Most options are configurable for those that like to tweak! More info
Topfield Tools for Windows ()
Setup program for Topfield PC Utilities, including file transfer and software update tools, for Windows XP and Vista 32bit More info
Description Extender (2.23)
The Description Extender makes the full programme description as seen in the native EPG and Infobox available to TAPs. More info
eit2mei (Beta 7.8m6)
The primary purpose of eit2mei is to harvest the Freeview EPG information and save it in the MEI format, where it can be used by mei2archive and also by other MEI-aware TAPs, including MyStuff. More info
TAP Commander (1.34)
TAP Commander allows you to configure, reorder and temporarily disable TAPs whilst your Toppy is running. It can also change the load order of TAPs in your Auto Start directory. More info
Remote Extender (1.5)
The Remote Extender TAP allows other TAPs to recognise extra buttons on programmable remotes and, on the TF5800, to distinguish between V+,V-,P+,P-,TV/Radio and the arrow buttons and List button. It includes facilities to allow two Toppys to be used in one room, and overcome problems with other remotes affecting your Toppy. More info
QuickJump (1.72)
Skip adverts during playback and timeshifting using the coloured buttons on your remote. More info
TF5000 (LCD) Display TAP (1.53a)
This TAP makes the Toppy front panel LCD display much more information than the standard channel number. The LEDs can also be re-programmed to indicate states such as timeshift. More info
UK Timers (1.2c)
A stylish TAP designed to display and edit all your timer settings in an improved and easy to understand format. Including backup and restore functions. More info
UK TAP Standard Logos (Version NA)
logo.dat file for the UK Timers, UKOZ Surfer, UK AutoScheduler, MyStuff and IP Guide TAPs. N.B Smaller logos are used by Media Manager and MyStuff - see "UK TAP Small Logos". More info
MeiSearch (1.37)
A search facility which operates on MyStuff extended EPG data downloaded from the internet or the output of the "eit2mei" TAP produced from the Freeview EPG data. More info
PowerManager (2)
Configure your Toppy to turn off at a specific time each day. More info
ChannelRemover (1.7a)
Allows unwanted channels to be removed More info
EPG Navigator (v5.1c)
An EPG presentation with grid view. More info
HDFW (2.3a)
Load firmware from hard disk and optionally patch and aXeL-ise it More info
Channel Manager (5.1)
A TAP to simplify scanning and handling of duplicate & unwanted channels. It allows 2 regional variants (e.g of BBC1 & ITV1) to be kept without causing EPG & timer problems. More info
UK/OZ Surfer (v0.11d)
The idea of this TAP is that it allows you to view the Event Information for all your other channels, and a small Picture-In-Picture of the other channels, whilst still watching the current program. You can then switch back-and-forth between the channels within the TAP. Surfer will also provide you with an indication as to shows that have timers set against them, and allows you to set your own timers for shows. More info
Jag's EPG (version 2.x) (2.7f)
Alternative EPG display. N.B. There is a version 3.x with additional functionality, but this requires additional memory and so may not run with some other combinations of TAPs. For the moment it is being treated as a separate TAP. More info
UK Auto Scheduler (v0.73)
Provides a keyword search facility for TV and Radio programmes using the Toppy EIT table More info
HDD Info (2.1)
Enables check HDD settings, and allows some types to be set to "quiet Mode". N.B. There is a possibility of not being able to reverse any changes which adversely affect the Toppy, so use with caution. More info