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Macintosh software

Here’s a selection of software for your Mac, to help you make the most of your Topfield PVR. Unless otherwise mentioned, the software is for OS X. Check the exact requirements before installing. The Computer Connections area of our forums also has plenty of advice, and there are some downloadable guides in the Documents libary, via the link at the left of this screen.

Tip Top!


EPG download, search and transfer program for Mac OS X 10.4 (More info)

MPEG Streamclip

Software for editing MPEG streams from the Topfield PVRs. (More info)


Utility for updating Toppy firmware from Mac (More info)

More Mac software


bleb2tie is still designed to complement rt2mei by providing Radio station EPG data but from A companion for rt2mei to download radio EPG from the bleb internet site (The Radio Times site does not have radio data!). V02.00 provides TV station EPG data if required. This is intended for use if the Radio Times data is unavailable. (More info)

Java .rec file converter

Convert Topfield .rec files (More info)


Copy data between a Mac and a Topfield PVR, via a USB connection. (More info)

Netgear WGT634U unofficial firmware

An alternative firmware for the Netgear router that includes SSH and ftpd-topfield (More info)

Nigel's Radio Times scripts

Scripts to harvest EPG data from the Radio Times and load it into the Toppy's built in EPG. (More info)

Project X

Java tool for converting MPEG video streams. (More info)

QuickTime 6 MPEG 2 component

Allows QuickTime to process recorded video streams from the Toppy (More info)


This is a utility, similar to My Stuff Extended Information, to download extended EPG data from the Radio Times web site and create an MEI file, for use in the MyStuff TAP's EPG. It can be run on PCs, Macs, NSLU2s, ASUSs & Linux machines. (More info)


Free DVD creation software for OS X (More info)


SMSTimer is a simple TAP that allows you to set timers on your Topfield PVR using SMS messages. The application actually consists of a TAP to be run on the PVR and a mobile Java application to be run on a mobile phone permanently connected to your Toppy. Timers can then be sent from any other SMS source e.g. another mobile phone.. (More info)

TFmac 5000

This application is used for really fast data transfer between a Topfield 5000 disk and Mac OS X, when the disc is connected over USB directly. ie. when the disk is out of the Toppy. (More info)


ToppyEPG is useful for: Downloading and displaying the Radio Times program guide. Uploading the program guide to your Toppy's EPG. Downloading timers [recording requests] from your Toppy onto the ToppyEPG datastore. Creating and managing timers on your personal computer. Uploading timers from the ToppyEPG datastore to your Toppy. (More info)


A Web server that supports PHP ? Windows: Apache, Abyss, IIS, and others ? MacOSx: Yes but I don?t know the details ? Linux or Linux based: Apache, thttpd, lighttpd, and others An FTP server that connects to your Toppy ? Windows: Aldarin?s ftp4t.exe (download from http://www.8ung.at/aldarin/ftp4t.html ) ? Linux or Linux based: ftpd-topfield Toppy-Web uses the EPG Uploader TAP to create/edit/delete timers on your Toppy. (More info)