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TAP library

We’ve divided our list of TAP s into sections, so there’s less to scroll through on each page. Just click on the menu to choose a category, or select All to see every TAP on one page. You can also choose TAPs that we know have been tested and found to work with the UK Topfield TF5800, either with the original firmware, or later versions, or ones that have been tested with the new TF5810. Please let admin @ toppy.org.uk know of errors or omissions.)


These TAPs are some of the most popular and easy to use; we recommend you try these out first, if you’re new to the Toppy. You’ll find plenty of other users of them in the forums.

MP3 Jukebox (2.1d)

An MP3 player providing support for playback, playlists and random play modes. (More info)


MP3 (1)

Tested on the TF5800 Random jukebox (More info)