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TAP library

We’ve divided our list of TAP s into sections, so there’s less to scroll through on each page. Just click on the menu to choose a category, or select All to see every TAP on one page. You can also choose TAPs that we know have been tested and found to work with the UK Topfield TF5800, either with the original firmware, or later versions, or ones that have been tested with the new TF5810. Please let admin @ toppy.org.uk know of errors or omissions.)


These TAPs are some of the most popular and easy to use; we recommend you try these out first, if you’re new to the Toppy. You’ll find plenty of other users of them in the forums.

Automove (1.9 beta 2)

TF5800 compatible Automatically rename and move files to folders (More info)

ChannelRemover (1.7a)

TF5800 compatible Allows unwanted channels to be removed (More info)

Description Extender (2.23)

TF5800 compatible TF5810 compatible The Description Extender makes the full programme description as seen in the native EPG and Infobox available to TAPs. (More info)

eit2mei (Beta 7.8m6)

TF5800 compatible TF5810 compatible The primary purpose of eit2mei is to harvest the Freeview EPG information and save it in the MEI format, where it can be used by mei2archive and also by other MEI-aware TAPs, including MyStuff. (More info)

EPG Navigator (v5.1c)

TF5800 compatible TF5810 compatible An EPG presentation with grid view. (More info)

ImproBox (2.4)

TF5800 compatible An improved programme information display box for your Toppy (More info)

Improbox channel logos (July 2006)

TF5800 compatible UK channel logos pack for use with Improbox (More info)

Info Viewer (1.7)

TF5800 compatible Info Viewer is a replacement for topfields default infobox. Think of it as a cut down, free ImproBox. (More info)

mcgCYRResume (1.0)

TF5800 compatible This TAP is no longer recommended as it can cause problems, if the recommended software 5.13.65T, or any other with patches Xp and Xw installed, is used. The sole function of this TAP is to return to playing a recording automatically when dumped to live TV when recording starts or stops(bug id 12), which is addressed with the fixes and firmwares mentioned. (More info)

Media Manager (1.5 (final))

TF5800 compatible TF5810 compatible This is a a 3 in 1 TAP as follows: Photo Manager - allows you to view JPEG images. You can start a slideshow manually, or automatically whenever you switch to a radio channel or play an MP3. Other functionality includes several Screensaver modes which can be used while listening to music. Music Manager - allows you to play MP3s. Various play modes allow music to be played randomly or sequentially, either a single folder (album) at a time or including all subfolders too. The Music Manager can be used in conjunction with the Photo Manager to provide flexible album art modes. Video Manager - allows you to play video recordings. It can be configured to create thumbnails and scenes of the video to give a DVD like presentation. Videos can also be moved, renamed or deleted. (More info)

MeiSearch (1.37)

TF5800 compatible TF5810 compatible A search facility which operates on MyStuff extended EPG data downloaded from the internet or the output of the "eit2mei" TAP produced from the Freeview EPG data. (More info)

MP3 Jukebox (2.1d)

TF5800 compatible TF5810 compatible An MP3 player providing support for playback, playlists and random play modes. (More info)

MyStuff (6.6)

TF5800 compatible TF5810 compatible MyStuff is a Toppy UI replacement, providing enhanced features including: EPG; Archive; Now&Next; timer creation (including series link functionality); optimised padding and colour skinning. Most options are configurable for those that like to tweak! (More info)

Prevent DSMCC crash (0.01)

TF5800 compatible This TAP prevents a crash that can occurr on firmware 5.12.88 (Bastille Day) due to the PVR incorrectly attempting to process data transmitted on BBC multiplex 1 (More info)

QuickJump (1.72)

TF5800 compatible Skip adverts during playback and timeshifting using the coloured buttons on your remote. (More info)

Remote Extender (1.5)

TF5800 compatible The Remote Extender TAP allows other TAPs to recognise extra buttons on programmable remotes and, on the TF5800, to distinguish between V+,V-,P+,P-,TV/Radio and the arrow buttons and List button. It includes facilities to allow two Toppys to be used in one room, and overcome problems with other remotes affecting your Toppy. (More info)

TAP Commander (1.34)

TF5800 compatible TF5810 compatible TAP Commander allows you to configure, reorder and temporarily disable TAPs whilst your Toppy is running. It can also change the load order of TAPs in your Auto Start directory. (More info)

Timer Extend (8.11)

TF5800 compatible Automatically pad timer entries (More info)

UK Auto Scheduler (v0.73)

TF5800 compatible Provides a keyword search facility for TV and Radio programmes using the Toppy EIT table (More info)

UK TAP Small Logos (Version NA)

TF5800 compatible These smaller logos are used by Media Manager and MyStuff - see "UK TAP Standard Logos" for larger logos for use in other TAPs. (More info)

UK TAP Standard Logos (Version NA)

TF5800 compatible logo.dat file for the UK Timers, UKOZ Surfer, UK AutoScheduler, MyStuff and IP Guide TAPs. N.B Smaller logos are used by Media Manager and MyStuff - see "UK TAP Small Logos". (More info)

UK Timers (1.2c)

TF5800 compatible A stylish TAP designed to display and edit all your timer settings in an improved and easy to understand format. Including backup and restore functions. (More info)

UK/OZ Surfer (v0.11d)

TF5800 compatible TF5810 compatible The idea of this TAP is that it allows you to view the Event Information for all your other channels, and a small Picture-In-Picture of the other channels, whilst still watching the current program. You can then switch back-and-forth between the channels within the TAP. Surfer will also provide you with an indication as to shows that have timers set against them, and allows you to set your own timers for shows. (More info)


(TV/Radio) OneList (2.0)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP has been superceeded by Channel Manager (More info)

3PG (1.28)

Tested on the TF5800 An enhanced display of the native Toppy data with automatic search capabilities. (More info)

Accurate Bookmarking (0.3)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Accurate Bookmarking (TM) monitors the Accurate Recording (Now&Next) info and generates bookmarks in recordings at programme transitions. Just stick it in Auto Start and forget about it. (People without a TF58x0 or with a firmware pre-5.13.39 need not apply.) (More info)

ad_skipper_43 (0.03)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP allows you to skip widescreen adverts when watching a 4:3 recording. (More info)

Archive (1.0a)

Tested on the TF5800 Replacement viewer for the Archive list (data files only) (previously known as UK/OZ Archive/Filelist) (More info)

Auto Reboot (2.3)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP generates an automatic reboot when a TAP crashes rather than the system locking up. (More info)

Auto Restore (A1a)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP is intended to provide a means of backing up & restoring your system settings, so they can be easily restored after a crash, new firmware load, or Factory Reset. It can be used in either of two ways: (1) Run manually, when settings may be saved or restored. or (2) Run from Auto Start at boot time, when settings are restored. The latter must be preceded by at least one instance of the former to record your settings. (More info)

Auto Zapper (1.3)

Flick through channels automatically (More info)

AutoDelete (2.1)

Automatically delete old recordings (More info)

AutoDST (0.1 beta)

UK original firmware Automatically sets time offset to 1 hour when date and time are within British Summer Time and 0 otherwise. For UK use only but could easily be adapted. (More info)

Autoletterbox (6.11)

Tested on the TF5800 Improves widescreen support (More info)

Background Slideshow

Display a slideshow while listening to MP3 or radio (More info)

Backup Settings (3.2)

Tested on the TF5800 Backup your settings, timers and favourites. (More info)

Birthday Calendar (1)

Tested on the TF5800 A facility to keep track of birthdays, with a reminder appearing when the TAP is activated (normally at turn-on). (More info)

Black Bar

Hide news channel tickers (More info)

Bookmark (2.3)

Create a bookmark when Stop is pressed (More info)

Bookmark 2uk (3.0)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP automatically sets a bookmark when you stop playing a recording. (More info)

Channel Manager (5.1)

Tested on the TF5800 A TAP to simplify scanning and handling of duplicate & unwanted channels. It allows 2 regional variants (e.g of BBC1 & ITV1) to be kept without causing EPG & timer problems. (More info)

Channel Organiser (B1.2)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 An integrated TAP to manage your channel line up and automatically update ini etc files for other channel-dependent TAPs. (More info)

Christmas Calendar (1.0)

Tested on the TF5800 An Advent-Calendar type facility, with manual day selection. (More info)

Control Lock (V 1.1)

Tested on the TF5800 Allows you to lock & unlock all the Remote Control Unit and front panel keys (including Standby) (More info)

cpu_load (V0.01)

Tested on the TF5800 Displays a crude assessment of the Toppy CPU loading. (More info)

CutAds (1.2)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 This TAP cuts out the adverts using bookmarks that currently have to be manally inserted. The first bookmark is the end of the ads before the programme, and subsequent pairs of bookmarks mark the start and end of ad breaks, with an [optional] final bookmark at the start of the ad break after the end of the programme. (More info)

CutFile (1.2)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 CutFile splits a file at the bookmark positions. (More info)

Debugger (3)

Debugging tool for TAP developers (More info)

DirLister (7.0(58))

UK original firmware Rename files chronologically, display the channel onscreen and automatic TruCaps. (More info)

DirLister (8)

Tested on the TF5800 Rename files chronologically, display the channel onscreen and automatic TruCaps. (More info)

Disassembled libtap.a (0.2)

This is a disassembled libtap.a file that Topfield distribute - this version was done by phew-is-a-geek (many thanks) (More info)

DOG Dimmer (0,01)

This TAP creates OSD overlays to mask out "DOGs" (the channel logos overalaying the picture on many channels). (More info)

Don't Spin Down (1.1)

Tested on the TF5800 Prevent the Toppy's disk from stopping (More info)

Dream Free (1.0)

Tested on the TF5800 Dream Free is a simple TAP that gets rid of the Mystic Dreams background that's displayed during MP3 and recorded Radio playback. (More info)

Dumb WideScreen Switching (?)

Tested on the TF5800 Pillar-boxes 4;3 programmes in the Toppy for those users with widescreen TVs that do not respond to Toppy commands. (More info)

epg extender (0.04)

Tested on the TF5800 This tap attempts to workaround some of the 'features' of the firmware to hopefully provide a better epg experience. N.B. The improved EPG in version 5.12.88 has made this TAP laregely redundant, and it will only work with earlier firmware versions. (More info)

EPG Uploader (3.17)

Tested on the TF5800 Upload EPG data into the EIT store on your Toppy, to replace the broadcast data. (More info)

EPG Uploader (1.0)

Upload an EPG to your Toppy (More info)

Extend (1.7)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP will extend recordings based on the programme transitions signalled by the broadcaster (known as "Accurate Recording" signals in the UK). (More info)

Fastcopy (1.2)

Copy files on your Toppy faster. (More info)

FastScanGUI (0.6c)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 allows you to do a fast channel scan based just on your local transmitter, or from a choice of all available channels. (More info)

FastSkip (1.0)

Tested on the TF5800 A minimalistic tap to a) jump quickly to/past any section in a program (or recording) b) enable the 10 second blue button replay in any mode (More info)

Favourites Manager (B2.0d)

Tested on the TF5800 A utility to edit/sort MyStuff Favourites lists and limit rt2mei and eit2mei data collection to the those channels which appear in one or more Favourites lists. It can also be used to edit thr TF5000Display TAP chn file. (More info)

Filer (2.30)

Tested on the TF5800 Alternative Archive for recordings (More info)

Font Manager (1.0 Final)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Font Manager allows you to change the font that other TAPs use. You can use any True Type fonts you may have on your Windows or Mac. (More info)

Free Space Pie (1.4)

Tested on the TF5800 Display disk usage graphically (More info)

Freespacebar (1.1n)

Tested on the TF5800 Disk usage bar graph & current channel data rate indication (More info)

FwLoad (B3.3)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Allows patch removal, patch addition, and new firmwareinstallation simply by inserting relevant files into predefined Toppy directories and then running this TAP (More info)


Tested on the TF5800 This TAP turns your TV into a virtual aquarium. Actually, it draws a few goldfish on a black background after a period of inactivity. They swim around a bit. (More info)

HDD Info (2.1)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Enables check HDD settings, and allows some types to be set to "quiet Mode". N.B. There is a possibility of not being able to reverse any changes which adversely affect the Toppy, so use with caution. (More info)

HDFW (2.3a)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Load firmware from hard disk and optionally patch and aXeL-ise it (More info)


Sample TAP (More info)

Hide all OSD (1)

Hide all the on screen displays (More info)

iGuide (v2.5 a beta)

Tested on the TF5800 This provides a grid-EPG, now-and-next, series link, padding; plus a few additional things such as configurable EPG views (i.e. different order of channels, hidden channels), skins, background music or (perhaps preferably) no background music, and foreign language support. (More info)

Imageviewer (1.13)

Tested on the TF5800 View images on your TV (More info)

Info Display (7.5)

Tested on the TF5800 Tap to display a wide range of information, vitually obliterating the current picture. (More info)

Jag's EPG (version 2.x) (2.7f)

Tested on the TF5800 Alternative EPG display. N.B. There is a version 3.x with additional functionality, but this requires additional memory and so may not run with some other combinations of TAPs. For the moment it is being treated as a separate TAP. (More info)

JAG's EPG (version 3.x) (3.0 Beta 5)

Tested on the TF5800 This version of JAG's EPG is intended to support extended information and LCN support (for TF5800). At present this is being treated as a separate TAP from versions 2.x. (More info)

Key Display

Display kepyresses on the screen (More info)

Key test (1)

UK original firmware Test TAP by Nigel Whitfield (More info)

Keymap58 (0.1)

UK original firmware Key remapper for the TF5800 (More info)

KeyStopper (0.1)

Tested on the TF5800 Disable remote control while watching other devices (More info)

Little Clock (V2.2)

Tested on the TF5800 On-Screen clock (More info)

Lords Of Midnight Game (Beta 2)

Tested on the TF5800 Epic Game based on Spectrum original. (More info)

Low Free Space (1.4)

Tested on the TF5800 Low disk space warning (More info)

Macro (V1.2)

Tested on the TF5800 Want to inhibit that key the family keeps pressing by accident? Want to avoid multiple key presses to get through long menu sequences? Want to use a TAP which uses non-UK keys? Got a dead but vital key on your remote? If so, the Macro TAP may provide an answer! (More info)

MakeLogos (V.02)

Tested on the TF5800 Makes logos for UK TAP Project TAPs (More info)

MatrixScreenSaver (1.70)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP starts a screensaver after a pre-determined time in Radio or MP3 modes, and when paused in timeshift/playback modes. It resembles the Linux matrix screensaver. You can also a select the mode "blank" or "transparent". (More info)

mcgAutoAR (1.0)

mcgAutoAR is a TAP that automatically switches to the correct aspect ratio. It's primarily for 4:3 TVs and for Australian broadcasts. (More info)

mei2archive (Beta 3.8g)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Ensures the programme descriptions in recordings are for the correct programme, and uses the additional information in an MEI file (if available). (More info)

mei2eit (Beta 2.6)

Tested on the TF5800 This is an EPG Loader for the Topfield TF5800PVR that will allow extended EPG information from a MyStuff.mei file to be used by the inbuilt Toppy EPG and other TAPs that don't directly support MEI files. (More info)

Memory Dump (0.2)

UK original firmware Writes addressable memory space of Topfield TF5800 PVR to a file in the TAP directory for transfer and examination on a PC (More info)

Memory Watcher (1, 30/5/2004)

Tested on the TF5800 Debugging tool for TAP developers and anyone concerned that memory shortages is causing problems with multiple TAPs. (More info)

MforR (MHEG for Radio) (4.0)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP is for use in conjunction with a combined TV & Radio channel list. It switches MHEG on when on Radio channels (needed to bring on the sound) and off when on TV channels to avoid unnecessary processing. (More info)

MHEG Control (B2.1)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP includes a number of features to improve the MHEG operation and limit its impact on normal viewing. (More info)

MHEG Off (0.04)

Tested on the TF5800 Switches off all MHEG functions. N.B. A facility to switch off all MHEG functions is included in firmware issues from 5.12.25 onwards (More info)

MHEG On/Off (A3)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Switches the Interactive MHEG engine on when required for viewing text, and off when reverting to TV. (More info)

Mheg State

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Allows other TAPs to detect when a MHEG interactive screen is being displayed. (More info)

MiniMax Chess (25/2/2005)

Tested on the TF5800 Chess game (More info)

Movie Progress (3.2)

Tested on the TF5800 How far through the movie are you? (More info)


Tested on the TF5800 This TAP lists all the films in the (native) EPG in time order. (More info)

MP3 (1)

Tested on the TF5800 Random jukebox (More info)

MPDisplayLITE (1.1)

Tested on the TF5810 This TAP enhances the information displayed on the Masterpiece Front Panel (as found on the TF5810). (More info)

Multi Service Default EPG (1.0)

Tested on the TF5800 Change the default EPG view (More info)

Multi View (2)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP enables you to watch one channel in a large window, and have ~1/per second updates of 5 other preset channels in smaller windows. (More info)

My Keys (V3.9)

Tested on the TF5800 TAP to allow you to jump forward a specified amount of time, and rewind a specified amount of time. Really easy to configure. Now with bookmarking. (More info)

MyInfo (B5.6)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Generates screen and log file reports of key aspects of your Toppy which are likely to assist in the diagnosis of TAP problems. (More info)

Nigel's Radio Times ini files (London/limited)

Tested on the TF5800 Configuration files for the Radio Times scripts and EPG Uploader, London region (More info)

OSD Demo (Beta)

Display functions demonstration TAP (More info)

OSDRemote (0.1 beta)

Tested on the TF5800 An emergency replacement for the remote control that can be fully operated directly from the front pannel of a TF5800. It can also be operated from the actual remote to simulate, for example, a broken key. (More info)

Photo Manager (1.0)

Tested on the TF5800 This is a cut-down version of the Media Manager TAP providing only the photo viewing elements. (More info)

PIP switch (3)

Picture in Picture display options (More info)

PIP Switch (Modified)

Picture in Picture display options (More info)

Pixel Display

Colour testing (More info)

Pixel Loss

Pixel cropping (More info)

Pixel Loss c/w Step Control

Tested on the TF5800 Pixel cropping (More info)

Power Restore Pack (V 0.7.3)

Tested on the TF5800 A combination of a patched firmware and a TAP which ensures correct operation after a power drop out. (More info)

PowerDown (0.74)

Tested on the TF5800 Provides a better way of shutting down the Toppy which allows recordings to complete without generating on-screen messages or needing user intervention. (More info)

PowerManager (2)

Tested on the TF5800 Configure your Toppy to turn off at a specific time each day. (More info)

Program Manager (0.5)

UK original firmware TAP environment for the TF5800 with original UK firmware. (More info)

Progress Bar Keys (8.1)

A powerful and highly rated TAP that provides an extensive range of enhancements accessed via the Progress Bar (press Play during playback). Note: not all features are compatible with the UK model TF5800 yet. (More info)

Quick EPG 58 (0.4)

UK original firmware Multichannel EPG overview for the TF5800 (More info)

RadioDelete (A 2)

Tested on the TF5800 Deletes all radio channels, so the Tv/radio key no longer has any effect. (More info)

RadTV (0.2)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP enables you to swich diectly between Radio & TV channels by entering the LCN on the numeric keys, thus leaving the Radio/TV key free for other TAPs (More info)

Re Zap (1.8)

Access recently selected channels (More info)

RecFixer (2)

Tested on the TF5800 If your Toppy crashes while recording, certain headers aren't updated and as such, the recorded files aren't typically playable. This is usually characterised by the Toppy display showing "Invalid File" on the file list when you browse to the file on your toppy. The RecFixer TAP will copy the file header from a working file to a corrupt file, and allow the corrupt file to be played. (More info)

record-a-mux (0.01)

Tested on the TF5800 This tap allows multiple streams within a mux to be recorded to a single file or timeshift buffer. It allows individual streams to be selected for playback. - record multiple streams within a mux - timeshift multiple streams within a mux - watch other streams on a mux without killing the timeshift buffer - playback selected streams from a multichannel file - watch 2nd stream during file playback in PIP (More info)

Recording Fixer (1.2)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 This TAP allows certain types of broken recording to be fixed so that they are playable. If the Toppy crashes during a recording, the programme detail header is not applied to the recording and it displays in the archive as "Invalid File". Recording Fixer can recreate this header, either based on another recording or based on a selected channel. (More info)

Sample ini file for eit2mei (jindod 1)

Tested on the TF5800 This is an ini file for eit2mei that attempts to get around the genre problems of eit data. Many of the shows have been named in the genre fields and many channels have been directed to genre. Including Filmfour. (More info)

Sample ini file for eit2mei (Fozzy)

Tested on the TF5800 This is an INI file for eit2mei that add genre information to data collected by eit2mei. It uses the standard genres in MeiSearch and has 5 user defined genres. Data was collected from Radio Times, using the Radio Times genre data the listings were then placed into the categories I felt were most fitting to the pre-defined genres. (More info)

Screen Capture (3.2)

Capture screens (More info)

Screen Capture with OSD (2.10 b)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Capture screens including on screen displays (More info)

ScreenCaptureOSD (1.3 (PM 0.5))

UK original firmware Much improved version of the Topfield ScreenCapture TAP that also captures the OSD and any user generated graphics. Saves picture in .bmp format. User definable keys. This modified version runs only under Program Manager control. (More info)

Screensaver (1.4)

Tested on the TF5800 Screensaver which is particularly useful if you want to avoid burn-in on a plasma screen. (More info)

Showtime (1.4)

Tested on the TF5800 A simple EPG, displaying an overview of current programmes (More info)

Signal (26/10/2003)

Tested on the TF5800 Signal level & quality display (More info)

Signal Monitor (V0.54)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 A utility to display the signal levels & qualities on each of up to 16 muxes for each of the two tuners - no longer UK specific from version 5. (More info)

SimpleCharEditor (3.05)

Tested on the TF5800 A simple text file editor for amending ".ini" or ".txt" text files on your Toppy (More info)

SkinManager (V1.1a)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP allows MyStuff/Media Manager skins to be edited on the Toppy It is intended to complement the PC tool "SkinBuilder", so you can create your skin using the latter, then fine tune the results, or add new elements, using Skin Manager. It is possible though to build a skin from scratch using this TAP if you do not have easy connection to a PC. (More info)

Skip (1.34)

Tested on the TF5800 A free and simple advert skipper using two keys and a binary-search methodology. (More info)

Smart EPG (0.7rc26x)

Alternative EPG (More info)

SmartSkipper Pro (2.5)

Tested on the TF5800 The program provides a similar idea to quickjump to skip comercials or just find a certain point within a recording but only requires the use of 2 'dynamic' skip buttons (forward and reverse). Version 00.03.17 adds a "Real Cut" facility with which you can cut recordings easily and save a lot of disk space thereby. (More info)


See entry under Java/Perl/PHP, as this consists of both a TAP and a Java application to be run on a mobile phone. (More info)

Snake (v1.3)

Tested on the TF5800 Snake game (More info)

Start Channel (1.0)

Tested on the TF5800 Switches to a pre-defined channel (TV or Radio) when the Toppy is brought out of Standby. (More info)

Start Channel LCN (1.0)

Tested on the TF5800 On boot, sets the Toppy to the channel defined by LCN, which rarley change and are readily idntified. The channel is selected using an associated text file. (More info)

Status Display

Detailed information display (More info)

Status Display (NW1)

UK original firmware Display key press and status information (More info)

STIRF (1.3)

Tested on the TF5800 Displays a screen showing spare EPG entries in your .rec files, allowing you to select and activate them (i.e. move an EPG entry from being a spare to being the one displayed by your Toppy). Also renames your files to suit the show name/subtitle (in various combinations that you can choose from). It can also automatically correct the EPG data stored in a ".rec" file to allow for timers with front-end padding. (More info)

StopExit (1.01)

Tested on the TF5800 Stops the exit key calling up configuration menus of other TAPs unless Exit is pressed twice within a second. N.B. Another TAP (NoExit) prevents all Exit access to TAP configuration menus, even when Exit is pressed twice in quick succession. (More info)

StopZero (A2)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP stops inadbvertant changes to the aspect ratio by inhibiting the zero key unless in a menu etc or preceded by another numeric key (to allow entry of channel nos such as 10). N.B. This TAP is no longer supported (but is still available with source code) - it is recommended you use Remote Extender instead. (More info)

SubSwitch (1.4)

Tested on the TF5800 PIP channel switcher using V+/V- keys. (More info)

Sudoku (1.3)

Tested on the TF5800 Sudoku game (More info)

Super PiP (1.1b)

Tested on the TF5800 Tested on the TF5810 Super PiP provides enhanced PiP facilities, with a default of split screen mode. You can then: * move either window around * shrink or enlarge either window * swap the current window * change channel in current window (if RemoteExtender installed) * play current window full screen * snap to split screen mode (More info)

Tap Launcher (V3.10)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP allows single key, two key or timer launching of TAPs, thus allowing easy access to less used TAPs while avoiding the possible memory problems of having all in Auto Start and providing timed start of TAPs whose authors did not provide this functionality. (More info)


Tested on the TF5800 Tool for inspecting TAP headers. (More info)

Test Patterns (1)

Tested on the TF5800 Display test cards. (More info)

TF5000 (LCD) Display TAP (1.53a)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP makes the Toppy front panel LCD display much more information than the standard channel number. The LEDs can also be re-programmed to indicate states such as timeshift. (More info)

tf58keys.c (1.1)

UK original firmware TF5800 compatibility functions for TAP authors (More info)

TimeMon (1.0)

Tested on the TF5800 Logs timestamps to track when incorrect data is received (More info)

Timer Backup

Backup timer entries (More info)

Timer Restore

Restore timers from a backup file. (More info)

Timer Restore Overwrite

Restore and overwrite timers (More info)

Timer Total Count

Count number of timers (More info)


Easy access to timer settings (More info)

Toppy Monitor (B1)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP is intended to provide a facility for monitoring various aspects of the Toppy operation while using the Toppy relatively normally. The aspects of this TAP that are thought to be unique are the ability to display the results either as an on-screen message or using the front panel display, or both, and the wide range of parameters which can be monitored. It has been primarily developed to help in the development of other TAPs, but may be of use to normal users who have problems with their Toppy. It should work on all models with the 7-segment front panel displays. (More info)

Toppy Poker (1.1)

Tested on the TF5800 Standard poker game for your Toppy (More info)

TSR Commander (1.5)

Tested on the TF5800 A tool to manage multiple TAPs easily. (More info)

UK channel logos (August 2008)

Tested on the TF5800 UK original firmware Tested on the TF5810 Logo files in both small and large formats, for UK channels (More info)

UK IP Guide (0.4.3 beta)

Tested on the TF5800 Alternative EPG display, including grid view (More info)

UK TAP project source logos (19/01/2006)

Tested on the TF5800 Original logos for the UK TAP Project files (More info)

UKSubtitle (1.9)

Tested on the TF5800 Easy access to subtitling functions for the TF5800 (More info)

UpdateEIT (1.1)

Tested on the TF5800 Update the running status of EPG data loaded from another source (More info)

WSSKiller (2.12d)

Tested on the TF5800 This TAP distinguishes between 4:3, 4:3 letterbox, 14:9 and 16:9 anamorphic transmissions by scanning the frame buffer, ignoring any "dogs" that stray into the otherwise unused area. It then informs the TV set by settings the appropriate bits in the WSS data stream to the TV. (More info)


Suppresses the ?playback stopped? message. (More info)

XStart (0.6)

Tested on the TF5800 Better version of the built in AutoStart functionality of the Topfield. An ini-file defines the order, in which the TAPs should start. In addition you can set the day-time-window in which the tap is allowed to start and you can also set a delay before the TAP is actually launched. (More info)