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Announcements and RSS feeds

Toppy.org.uk has three different RSS feeds available, allowing you to keep up to date without having to come back to the site all the time. You can subscribe to them using your favourite RSS reader and you’ll be notified of updates to the site as they happen. In addition, we have an announcements email list for forum users.

Toppy.org.uk news

The news feed keeps you up to date with the last 60 days worth of news and announcements for the site. If your web browser supports it, you can click to read it directly from the site’s home page. Otherwise, the feed address is http://www.toppy.org.uk/rss.php

Toppy.org.uk forum threads

Available via the forum pages, if your browser detects it, this feed provides the latest forum topics, via http://forum.toppy.org.uk/forum/rss.php?t=1

If you’re a registered user of the forums, we do not recommend that you use this feed with your web browser; use a separate RSS reader instead, as many browsers that include RSS will send your forum login cookie each time they check the feed. As a result, you’ll only see threads flagged as updated if they’ve had new posts since the last time your browser checked the feed.

Toppy.org.uk downloads

The downloads feed provides information about which packages in our software library have been updated in the last seven days. It is available on the About downloads page or at the address http://www.toppy.org.uk/downloads/rss.php


Finally, although it’s not an RSS feed, it’s worth mentioning on here that we use a user group on the forums for email announcements, which covers things such as new firmwares, major site issues and so forth; it’s very low volume, and we won’t even send as many as two messages in a week unless there’s an exceptional need. To receive announcements, you need to be a registered user of the forum; then click this link to join up.

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