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These are general PVR and digital TV links, mostly aimed at a UK audience. If you know any other useful links, please drop us a line via admin @ toppy.org.uk

Computer Active review

This review of the Toppy appeared in Computer Active earlier this year, before the first software update added features such as bookmarks.

Digital Spy

UK site covering digital broadcasting, with news, forums and programme related material.

BBC reception information

Reception information from the BBC. Click Transmitter Alerts link on this site to find out if any work is being carried out on the digital transmitters in your area.

PVR World

This site provides links and information for other PVRs in the UK, so you can find out about the other models besides the Toppy.

Channel and multiplex listings

This page from the Digital TV Group lists channels carried on each multiplex along with their LCNs.

Digital TV Buyer

This seems like a user's review of the box, and was written last April, so some of the information - like TAP compatibility - is a little out of date.

Digital TV Group postcode checker

Use this page to check coverage for digital TV broadcasts in the UK, through your existing aerial. You'll need to know your postcode to find out about likely reception. Note that this site does tend to err on the cautious side, so you might get better reception than it actually suggests. We're using the link intended for retailers, which is not as cautious as the consumer one; you might also like to check the Wolfbane site as well.

DTG (Digital TV Group)

This organisation is responsible for managing standards for digital television in the UK, and publishes material including technical references on issues like widescreen support.


This is a general site for PVRs in the UK, with reviews, how-tos and news.


Not to be confused with PVRuk.com, this site carries some news and other information about PVRs for UK users, including links to some suppliers and tips on upgrading certain models. It also has a forum of its own, though it doesn't appear to be as busy as some others.

Setanta Sports

Setanta operates a range of pay sports channels; the link will take you to the page on their site with details of the new service available to Freeview homes. You will need a CAM to access the service on a Toppy.


TopUpTV is a pay service operating on the UK digital terrestrial system; their present service is based around a special PVR which downloads and organises programmes overnight. You can no longer subscribe to their original service, and though the Toppy can record from the new one with a suitable card and CAM, you can?t sign up without paying for their PVR.

Twin tuner PVR comparison

This helpful table, compiled by a member of Digital Spy, compares features for several of the twin tuner PVR models available in the UK, so you can see how they all stack up against each other. You'll also find a link on this page to a picture of the Topfield remote control.

Wolfbane digital TV reception predictor

This useful page - part of the Wolfbane reception information site - will predict digital TV coverage for a UK postcode or Ordnance Survey grid reference.

Wolfbane TV Reception

This site includes a wealth of information about TV reception in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, including coverage maps for analogue and digital, channel listings and coverage predictors.

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All links are provided in good faith, but we can’t be responsible for their content. If you find any that are broken, or know of links that you think should be added, please drop us a line via admin @ toppy.org.uk