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Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us, and we want to reassure you about how we use the data that you provide when you use the site.

Firstly, and most importantly, this is a non-commercial site, and we do not pass any details about members on to anyone else. We do not make email addresses or other details available to any third party, and unless you choose to make it visible, the email address that you use on the forums will not be visible to anyone other than the site administrators.

Email addresses

When you register for the forums, you must give us a valid email address; this may be used to send you activation links, notifications of new messages on the forums, and if we need to contact you about your behaviour on the forums, or about matters relating to the operation of the site. You can choose via your forum profile whether or not to receive automatic messages relating to new posts and private messages on the forums. You may use the forum groups facility to sign up for user groups, including Announcements, to which we may periodically post information messages, such as details of a new firmware download. You may use the same facility to resign from these groups, and we do not add people to any of them by default; it is strictly opt-in.

When you register for Your tools, we may use your email address to send you notifications about updates to the packages in which you have registered an interest, or bugs about which you have asked to be notified. You can choose whether or not to receive notifications for each bug, and whether or not to be notified about updates to software.

We reserve the right, where necessary, to send a blanket email to all registered forum users, or all registered users of Your tools, however we have only done this once in two years, and do not envisage many circumstances where this would be necessary.

All legitimate communications from this site will be sent from admin @ toppy.org.uk.

We will not use your email address for purposes other than the ones described here nor will we pass it on to anyone else.

Telephone numbers

When you make a donation to this site via SMS, or use mobile-phone related features such as setting timers via text message, our database will store your mobile phone number. We do not pass these on to anyone else, nor will we use your number to send any unsolicited messages, marketing messages, or reminders.

Records of donations are kept solely for historical purposes, and we will not send you any messages other than your initial receipt.

If you use your mobile phone to access Toppy Remote Control, we will only send you messages relating to timers and searches that you have created using your mobile.

If you enter a competition via text message, we may use your mobile phone number to contact you if you have won, but we will not use it for any other purpose.


Throughout the site, we make use of cookies; these are small pieces of information that your browser stores on the computer and sends back to us when you request a page. A cookie can only contain information that we’ve put in it - so it can’t magically send the contents of your hard drive, for example.

We use cookies to track which messages you have read in the forums, and your preferences for other parts of the site. When you use the ‘Your tools’ area, we use cookies to keep track of your forum user name and a unique id, and to track whether or not you’re presently logged in, any preferences you have set for how the site is displayed, and whether or not you’re entitled to access some areas of the site.

Other information

Information that you provide, such as the Topfield model you own, your location, or other preferences, will never be passed to anyone else. It may be used to create aggregate statistics, eg the number of users in a particular country, or how many people use a specific firmware, but we will not publish any such information in a way that identifies individual users, nor will we make it available to anyone else.

Problems and security

We take every reasonable step to protect the integrity of our computers, and prevent security breaches. We take the privacy of site users seriously, and will never knowingly do anything to breach that privacy.

You should note, however, that in regard to email, it is virtually impossible to ensure that an email address will never receive unsolicited messages, or spam. We do not, have never, and never will pass addresses on to other parties, and to the best of our knowledge, the database of email addresses has never been compromised.

However, from time to time, users who have registered with a unique email address receive spam, and ask whether or not we have passed on addresses, or had our security breached. We reiterate that we don’t do this. Many spammers, however, will generate email addresses at random, and attempt to send to those. On our own server, for example, the bulk of email deliveries attempted is from spammers, and by far the majority is to email addresses that have never existed, including completely random names, words from the dictionary, or a mixture of real names with random letters added to them.

So, while choosing a unique address when you sign up to sites such as this may offer you some degree of protection from spam, it is very likely only a matter of time before you do receive unsolicited email, regardless of the privacy policy of the site. It does not mean that their security has been breached, or that they’re passing on email addresses.