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Frequently Asked Questions

What signal strength do I need? My picture is breaking up

If you experience picture break-up, then it's possible that you have poor signal strength/quality, and it's worth checking your setup using our install guide. We have some links that will give you reception information too. It is important to appreciate that Freeview requires a clean signal as well as good strength. Unlike terrestrial television, a booster can worsen the situation as it can amplify defects in the signal. As well as checking the aerial, it's also often worth replacing the cable with CT100 grade, which gives much less signal loss. More...


BBC reception information

Reception information from the BBC. Click Transmitter Alerts link on this site to find out if any work is being carried out on the digital transmitters in your area. More...

Wolfbane digital TV reception predictor

This useful page - part of the Wolfbane reception information site - will predict digital TV coverage for a UK postcode or Ordnance Survey grid reference. More...