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Help with Your tools

Your tools is the section of the site where we provide customised services and information for users. To be able to use this section of the site, you need to be registered on the forum. The first time you sign in to Your tools, your account will be activated and you’ll see some new options appear in the right hand navigation panel.

What’s on offer?

There are several features available; here’s a quick rundown of some of the most useful ones.

Firmware details

One of the most useful sections of Your tools, the Firmware details pages allow you to see which bugs affect specific firmware versions, rather than the simple overview of un-resolved bugs available from the left navigation panel. You can also see if there are bugs affecting specific features, like Pay TV or subtitles, and choose receive an email notification when the details of a particular bug are updated.

You can also view requests for feature enhancements and changes, and add your own short notes and ratings to each item in the database, helping us to see which issues visitors to the site find most useful.

File downloads

When you’ve signed in to use Your tools, the information box for software in our database will have an extra link, allowing you to add TAPs and other software to a personalised download list, which you can access with just a couple of clicks. That means you’ll always be able to find the latest versions of your favourite software, and you can also choose to receive email reminders when software packages are updated.

We also have a ‘members only’ download area, where you can find unofficial firmwares, or exclusive early access to the latest files from Topfield.

Remote control timers

If you keep your PVR connected to your computer, you’ll love this section of the site. We call it Toppy Remote Control (TRC), and it lets you enter the details of programs that you want recorded into the web site; your computer at home then fetches the details and programs the PVR, so you don’t have to worry about missing a programme because you forgot to set a timer in the morning.

As well as recordings, you can also create searches, so your PVR will record any programme with a particular word in the name, and there’s a text message service too, so you can remotely programme your Toppy by sending us an SMS.

What next?

If you want to use these tools, and you’re not already registered on the forums, register there first. If you have registered, just sign in using the box at the top right of the screen, and your account will be set up, and you’ll be taken to the settings page, so you choose your preferences. We’ll need to send a few cookies to your computer to store the details that enable us to customise the site for you.