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Welcome to the new users area

Welcome! If you’ve just bought a new Topfield PVR, or you’re trying to get to grips with one, this is the part of the site where we try to help you find out how everything works. Before we go any further, see that word in orange in the last sentence? When you see a word like that, click on it to see a definition in our pop-up glossary.

Within this section of the site, if you click on the ‘Getting started’ link at the top right, you’ll return to this page. If you click on the graphic at the top of the page, you’ll be taken back to the site’s home page. The main site options will always appear at the left of the screen, while the right hand panel will change, depending on where in the site you are.

The most useful thing you’ll find in this part of the site is an online edition of the latest manual for the TF5800, which was the first Topfield model made specifically for Freeview. Even if you don’t normally read manuals, you really should take a look at sections 2 and 3 to get the hang of the basic operating features for your PVR, before you start asking questions in the forums, and you may find section 7 - Troubleshooting and How to.. useful as well. If you’d like to download a PDF version, you can find one in the Documents section of the site.

Below the manual, you’ll see a set of links in the ‘All about...’ category. These will take you to pages that give you a brief guide to some of the key areas of the Toppy, like TAPs or the link to your computer. There are more in depth guides in our Documents area.

Where to get help

Remember that if you can’t find the information you want here, you’re welcome to ask in the forums, where there’s a special area called ‘New users start here’ but before posting there, please check the FAQs and guides, to make sure we don’t already have an answer to your question or problem – much as we like to be helpful, we prefer not to be writing the same things over and over. You can search the site and the forums using the two search boxes in the left hand panel.

One other thing – you’ll see the email address for the site admins in various places throughout the site, but please remember that it’s not an email address for technical support. There are lots of people on the forums who can help, and you’ll probably get an answer very quickly. Unfortunately, we can’t solve your problems individually by email.

Not bought a Toppy yet?

If you’re just after information before you buy, feel free to browse this area. You may also want to check out the Where to buy link on the left, or the FAQs, where we have a special category called ‘Features / Before you buy’ which should answer most of your questions – just click the drop down menu on the FAQs page and select it from the list of options.

Finally... when you’re confident with your Toppy, you can use the Your tools section of the site to hide the New users link on the front page, and to customise other parts of the right hand panel.