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TF5800 manual: mp3 playback

Advanced features

Now you know how to use most of the basic features of your PVR, we’ll look at a few of the extra features and useful things to know, such as how to play back MP3 music files, or update the PVR’s software.

MP3 playback

Your Topfield PVR can play back MP3 music files, just like many portable music players. Before playing the files, you need to transfer them to the MP3 folder on your PVR using the Altair program, as we described in the previous section.

There is no limit to the number of MP3 files you can store on your PVR’s hard disk, but remember that the space is shared with recorded TV programmes, so the more MP3 files you store, the less TV you will have space to record.

To view the list of MP3 files, press the Archive buttonArchiveon the remote control, and then use the Fast Forward or Rewind buttons to select the MP3 Files list. You can organise the MP3 files into folders in exactly the same way as you organise recorded television programmes.

To play a single MP3 file, just move to it with the arrow keys on the remote control, and press the PlayPlayor OK buttonOK/Liston the remote control. While MP3 files are being played, a graphical image will be displayed on your television screen.

Just like with TV programmes, you can select a series of music files to play in sequence, by highlighting each one in turn and pressing the Red button on the remote control. A number will appear next to each one, and they will be played when you press the Play or OK buttons on the remote.

If you organise your music files into folders, you can also tell the PVR to play all the files in a particular folder, by highlighting it and then pressing the Play button; if you press OK, the contents of the folder will be displayed, as usual.

Finally, you can choose to repeat the playback of one or more MP3 files, by pressing the White key on the remote control to choose between repeating a single track, repeating all the tracks in the selection, or just playing them once.

When you press the button, you’ll see a symbol appear in the information box like this to indicate that the current track will be repeated:

Repeat single MP3

or like this if all the tracks will be repeated:

Repeat all mp3s

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