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TF5800 manual: summary

Summary of remote keys

Here’s a quick summary of the keys that you’ll use for watching TV.

Watching TV

V+V-Increase and decrease the volume.

MuteTemporarily turn off the sound; press again to turn it back on.

P+P-Move up and down through the list of TV channels.

OK/ListDisplay the list of available TV channels.

TV/RadioSwitch between television and radio modes.

GuideDisplay the electronic programme guide (EPG)

InfoDisplay the information box

ZeroChange the display mode, between wide screen and other options

Number keysEnter a channel number

While the information box is displayed

InfoDisplay additional programme information

ExitHide the information box

LeftRightSwitch between current and next programme information

While the EPG is displayed

RedSwitch between single channel and multi channel view

YellowMove back one day

GreenMove forward one day

GuideHide the EPG

ExitHide the EPG

LeftRightUpDown   Navigate between channels and programmes

InfoDisplay additional programme information

RewindFast ForwardChange the time span in the multi-channel EPG view

Time shifting

RewindStart rewinding; press again to increase speed. Hold down to move quickly along the progress bar.

Fast ForwardStart playing forwards at double speed; press again to increase speed. Hold down to move quickly along the progress bar.

PlayPress to display the progress bar; press again to hide it.

PausePause live TV; press again to carry on watching from the paused position.

StopJump back to live TV from the current position.

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