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TF5800 manual: summary

Summary of remote keys

Here’s a summary of the keypresses for functions in this section of the manual.

During viewing or playback

OptFor access to favourites, soundtracks, subtitles and the sleep timer.

During playback

RecordMake a copy of the programme currently being played back

WhiteSelect repeat play mode

SlowStart slow motion playback; press again to change speed

When the progress bar is displayed

WhiteStart or end marking a section of the programme

BlueDelete or copy the marked section

While viewing live TV

RedorTextTo access interactive services

ListPress twice to select a group of favourites

While using interactive services

P+P-Press to change channel and leave interactive services

TextPress to exit interactive services

Coloured keys
Number keys Press to navigate through interactive services

While viewing

PiPPress to turn on Picture in Picture

While PiP is displayed

PiP SwitchPress to swap main picture and Picture in Picture

WhitePress to display list of available services for PiP

Organising favourites

RedTo move between columns in the display

UpDownTo select a channel

OK/ListTo add or remove a channel

GreenRename a group, or move a channel within a group

YellowDelete a group

While the archive list is on screen

RewindFast ForwardChange between archive areas, ProgramFiles, DataFiles, MP3s

WhiteDelete the highlighted file or folder

BlueLock or rename a programme, or change options for the archive list

RedAdd a programme to a list for playback in order

GreenCreate a new folder

YellowMove a programme to a folder

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