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TF5800 manual: pay TV

Pay TV

Although most of the channels broadcast on digital television in the UK are free, including all BBC channels and all the existing channels available on analogue television, there are a few that are only accessible via a subscription.

Your TF5800 PVR is capable of receiving these additional channels when it’s fitted with a subscription module. If you choose not to add a subscription module, you will still be able to see all the free channels and listen to all the radio stations.

Your PVR will automatically detect all channels during the setup procedure that we have described, including any pay TV channels being broadcast, but you will need to install the subscription module, called a CAM (Conditional Access Module) before you can view the pay channels.

To install a CAM, make sure your PVR is in standby mode, and pull down the flap at the right hand end of the front panel.

The CI bay

Push the module into either of the slots – it doesn’t matter which one – until it is fully inserted; the button to the right of the slot will pop out. Ensure that the CAM is the correct way up; the multi-way connector should be pushed into the slot, and the corner of the connector that does not have a small plastic ridge sticking out should be at the top left.

Next, insert the viewing card into the slot on the front of the CAM. To activate your subscription, you will need to follow the instructions supplied with the CAM and viewing card.

When your card is activated, it will be used automatically by your PVR, so that pay channels can be viewed just like any others.

If you attempt to view a pay tv channel without a subscription module, or with an invalid viewing card, a message will be displayed, telling you that the channel is scrambled.

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