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TF5800 manual: electronic programme guide

Electronic Programme Guide

The Electronic Programme Guide, or EPG, is like a built-in version of a TV listings magazine, allowing you to see what programmes are on, for up to seven days ahead. You can see a short synopsis of each programme, and in the next chapter we’ll explain how you can use the EPG to schedule recordings of programmes that you want to watch.

To access the EPG, press the Guide button Guide on the remote control. You’ll see a display like this, showing the current channel, with a list of the programmes following the current one.

EPG, single channel

The first time you access the EPG after switching your PVR on, it may take a few moments for the information to appear.

Use the up and down keys to highlight different programmes; as you move down the list, you’ll see the short description of the highlighted programme change, in the bottom right quarter of the screen. If you can’t read the whole description, press the Blue button to see the next section of it, or use the InfoInfokey to display the whole description in one go; another press of the same key will hide it.

The left and right arrow keys allow you to view the EPG for a different channel; when you use them, you’ll see that the picture in the top right or the screen remains on the channel you were originally viewing, so you can access the guide without missing any of your programme.

If you have older firmware on your TF5800, prior to July 2006, the picture will change to show the channel you have selected in the EPG, and it may also take a moment for the information to appear when you move to a new channel.

You’ll also see at the bottom of the screen that you can use the Green and Yellow keys on the remote control to move backwards and forwards by one day at a time, so you can easily see what’s on tomorrow.

Finally, pressing the Red key on the remote will change the EPG from the current, single channel view, to a multi channel view, like this:

EPG, multichannel

In this view of the EPG, you’ll see a time-line across the bottom of the screen, and a grid showing four channels at a time, with the programmes for each channel. The green vertical line represents the current time, so you can see how close programmes are to ending.

Use the left and right arrows to select programmes on the current channel; you’ll see their descriptions in the top left corner of the screen, and just as with the single channel guide, you can press the Info button to see more details, while green and yellow keys move by a day at a time.

If you’d like change the time span of the information, to include more or fewer hours, use the Fast ForwardFast Forwardand RewindRewindkeys.

Use the up and down arrows to highlight a different channel; the picture at the top right of the screen will change. Pressing Guide again, or ExitExitto close the EPG and watch the channel that’s highlighted.

If you’ve moved a long way through the EPG to look at what’s on in future, you can return quickly to the current time by pressing the Red button to switch to the other EPG view at the current time, then again to switch back to your current view.

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