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TF5800 manual: bookmarks and resume

Bookmarks and resume play

Your PVR can keep track of which programmes you’ve watched, and how much of them, so that if you have to stop watching a programme for any reason, you can carry on from where you left off.

To use this ‘resume playback’ feature, simply highlight a programme in the archive list, and then press the Play buttonPlay on the remote, instead of OK. Playback will start from the same place where you stopped viewing previously.

While resume play is useful when you want to carry on where you left off, sometimes you might want to mark favourite parts of a programme, like a great song in a concert. You can do that by creating bookmarks, and you can have as many of them in a programme as you like.

To create a bookmark, you first need to display the Progress bar, which is done by pressing the Play button Play. Next, press the Green button on the remote control, and you’ll see a small green dot appear just above the bar, like the picture below.

Progress bar with bookmarks

If you press the Green button when you’re at or close to the position of a bookmark, it will be removed, so if you realise you didn’t want to set one, a second press will remove it.

To jump to a bookmark, display the Progress bar again, and press the Yellow key. You’ll see the marker move to the next bookmark, and playback will continue from that point. If there are several bookmarks, just press Yellow until you reach the correct one.

If the PVR interrupts your playback, for example because it needs your attention when a recording starts or ends, it will create a bookmark automatically at your current position, so you can jump back to where you were easily.

After you’ve watched a recording

When you’ve watched a recording, you can keep it for as long as you like. If you decide that you don’t want to watch it, display the Archive screen, and then highlight the recording and press the White key White on the remote control. You’ll be asked if you want to delete the recording, and if you choose Yes and press OK, it will be deleted, freeing up disk space.

It is not possible to recover a programme once you have deleted it.

In the next section, we’ll explain how you can organise your PVR’s hard disk, for example by storing all the episodes of a series together.

Although the PVR does not restrict how long you can keep a recording, you should note that recordings made from pay TV channels may only be playable for a short period, depending on the restrictions set by the pay TV company. More information about pay TV can be found in the advanced section of this manual.

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