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TF5800 manual: how to...

How to

Although the rest of the manual has covered most of the common day to day functions you’ll need, there are a few other things that it may be helpful to know to make the most of your PVR in certain circumstances.

Adding a new channel

From time to time, new channels are added to the digital television service, and some existing ones removed. You can remove a channel simply by pressing the OK buttonOK/Listto display the channel list, then moving to the channel with the arrow keys, and pressing Red. Select delete from the options menu to delete the channel.

The quickest way to add a channel is to do a manual search for it; it helps to know which group of channels (or ‘multiplex’) it’s being added to, as this will help you find out the correct options for a manual search.

When you press the OK button on the remote control and then move up and down the channel list, you’ll see that the ‘UHF channel’ for each TV station is shown at the bottom of the list; there will be around half a dozen of these numbers, and all the channels on the same multiplex have the same one.

So, if you know that a new channel is being added to the same group as BBC Four, highlight BBC 4 in the list and make a note of the UHF channel number, then press Exit to hide the list. Next, press Menu, select Installation then Service Search.

Set the search type to Manual, and choose the channel number you noted from the previous paragraph, then select Start Search and press OK. You’ll see a list showing all the channels on that multiplex, including the new one, which will be added to your channel list for you. Existing channels will not be affected.

If you don’t know which multiplex a new channel is being added to, you can simply scan each of the UHF channels used by your current set of channels.

You can simply do an automatic search for channels, but that can take up to twenty minutes, and may find duplicate channels if you can receive from more than one transmitter. Scanning a single UHF channel is much, much quicker.

Moving home

If you move home, and your new home receives digital TV from the same transmitter as your old one, you do not need to alter any settings on your Topfield PVR.

However, if you receive signals from a different transmitter, you will need to re-scan for channels, just as you would have to tune in an analogue television again.

The simplest way is to perform a complete reset of your PVR, by choosing Menu, Installation and then Factory Setting, then doing a service search.

When you choose Factory Setting, all your timers will be cancelled, and your favourites lists erased. Programmes on the hard drive will not be damaged or removed.

Contacting support

Telephone technical support for your Topfield TF5800 PVR is available during working hours, on 01795 429 666.

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