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TF5800 manual: playing back recordings

Playing back recordings

Now you’ve made some recordings, let’s take a look at how to play them back. It’s very easy. All you have to do to get started is press the Archive button Archive on the remote control, and you’ll see the list of recorded files, like this.

Recorded services

As you can see, the recordings have the names of the programmes they contain. Move up and down with the arrow keys, and you’ll see that the bottom section of the screen shows additional information, including the channel, date and time of the recording, and the start of the programme’s description. You can see more of the description by pressing the Info buttonInfoon the remote control.

You’ll also notice that, at the bottom left of the screen, there’s a message telling you how much of the space on your PVR’s disk is free, and how much there is in total.

To start playing a programme, all you need to do is move to it with the up and down keys on the remote control, and then press the OK buttonOK/List. It will start playing from the beginning, and when it finishes, you’ll see a message on screen saying ‘Playback stopped,’ before you are switched to live TV.

One of the most useful features you’ll notice is that you’ll see programmes appear in the archive list as soon as they start recording; when you highlight them, the bottom left section of the screen will show the progress of the recording. If you select a programme that’s still recording, it will play just like any other recording. That means that you can start to watch the beginning while the end is still being recorded!

Your PVR also has the ability to play back MP3 files and to have additional software installed on it – features we’ll look at later on; files for each of those functions appear in turn when you use the Fast forward or Rewind buttons when in the archive, so if you cannot see the list of programmes you expected, press one of those keys until the list appears.

Playback features

While you’re playing back a recorded file, you can use the pause, rewind and fast forward features, just the same as when you’re watching time shifted TV, so pressing Fast ForwardFast Forward once plays at double speed, press again for four times normal speed, and again for six times.

The Rewind button Rewind will go backwards at 1, 2 or 3 times normal speed, and just like in time shift, if you hold down either Rewind or Fast forward, the Progress bar will appear, and you can move quickly through the programme. You’ll notice that the Progress bar has a small red line, which represents your current position, and you’ll see it move as you hold down the keys.

You can also use the Progress bar to skip quickly through adverts, if you have no bookmarks in a file. Press Play to display it, and then press the Yellow button on the remote to skip forward thirty seconds for each press, then press Play again to hide the Progress bar.

During playback, the information box will display details of the programme you’re watching, so you can view the full description of an episode, for example, by pressing the Info buttonInfo twice.

To stop play back of a programme, just press the Stop key; pressing the OK/List button will take you back to the archive, with the programme you are watching highlighted.

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